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IT » Baseus » External Solar Led Baseus Lamp With Motion Detector

External Solar Led Baseus Lamp With Motion Detector

Cod: 158341
Producator: Baseus
Cod producator: vg113298
In Stoc: Disponibil , Livrare in 1-3 zile
IT Baseus
199.00 Lei
(TVA inclus)
Detalii produs
External Solar Led Baseus Lamp With Motion Detector
Why do you need a solar-powered wall lamp?

  • You come home at night and can't find the keyhole
  • You stroll through the garden at night and can't find the path
  • You try to drive into the garage at night, but you see little
  • You can't recognize people in the dark

No power consumption, solar charging

Equipped with highly conductive photovoltaic cells. Just mount the lamp in a sunny place. It converts solar energy into electricity during the day.

It senses movement and illuminates the premises at night.
The intelligent motion detection system turns on the lamp when people pass by and automatically turns it off. Specially designed motion detector with a detection range up to 8 meters and a 120° standby angle. It turns the lamp on when it detects movement and turns it off after 30 seconds.

89 LEDs
89 LEDs with increased brightness, modified diffuser, 560 reflective surfaces for maximum light efficiency and range.

No wiring - easy installation

Now you can install external lighting, fixing the lamp on a sunny wall, without unnecessary wiring, possible different applications (in the garden, on the porch, on the balcony).

IPX5 protection class

Resistant to the sun and rain. The lamp has passed the waterproofing test and reached the IPX5 degree. Improved gaskets and a casing resistant to electrical discharges ensure long and safe use.

Charging 1 day is 3 days of work

After charging for 6 hours in 10,000 lux sunlight, the lamp will turn on 60 times. 6 hours of charging is 60 cycles.

Battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh

One full charge is enough for 24 days. Fully charged battery 1200 mAh after 7 sunny days, allows you to work for 24 days in cloudy weather.

Shade equipped with reflective surfaces

Built-in reflective chambers effectively reflect light emitted by diodes. With reflective chambers the lamp is brighter than other lamps of the same power.


Manufacturer Baseus
Model Baseus Energy Collection Series Solar Energy Human Body Induction Wall Lamp (Wide angle large size)
Product code DGNEN-C01
Number of lamps per package 1 piece
Power 5.1 W
Material ABS + PC
Slope 120 °
Installation height 1.8 ~ 2.2 m
Detection angle 0 - 8 m
Waterproofing class IP65
Activity time up to 20 seconds
Strength through solar panel 5.5 V
Size 184 x 130 x 58 mm

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