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IT » Delux » Delux Mouse M520gx White 800-2400 Dpi

Delux Mouse M520gx White 800-2400 Dpi

Cod: 158319
Producator: Delux
Cod producator: vg113276
In Stoc: Disponibil , Livrare in 24 de ore
IT Delux
129.00 Lei
(TVA inclus)
Detalii produs
Delux Mouse M520gx White 800-2400 Dpi

Delux M520GX - elegant and functional computer mouse


Wireless computer mouse Delux M520GX is characterized by an elegant design, efficient yet quiet operation and compact size. Covered with fabric, it is extremely pleasant to the touch. Durable battery provides up to 180 days of operation, and adjustable sensitivity up to 2400 DPI guarantees quick response to movement and exceptional smoothness. Whether you use it at work or while playing your favorite games, the M520GX will provide you with incredible comfort.




Discover the advantages of the material overlay


The matt case of the mouse in combination with a cloth, removable overlay gives exceptional comfort of use. M520GX is so pleasant to the touch that using it becomes a fantastic experience. It lies perfectly in your hand and does not slip out of it, even when you are in the middle of a dynamic, exciting game.




Extremely quiet


The Delux mouse is distinguished by its extremely quiet operation. Clicking noises are usually not very loud, but in the long run they can be annoying and annoying - especially if you are struggling with a headache or working at night when the rest of your household is already asleep. The M520GX will save you from similar problems - it will allow you to enjoy peace and quiet in any situation.





Stable connection


Delux wireless mouse will provide you with a stable, reliable connection. With the M520GX you will forget about unexpected failures or delays. You won't be limited by the cable that gets tangled up and hooked up to random objects. This will make working or playing with the Delux mouse an uninterrupted pleasure.




Benefit plug&play


An intelligent plug&play system and a modern nano-receiver enable quick connection to various devices such as laptops, computers and even telephones. You don't have to worry about complicated configuration or installation of drivers - with the M520GX you'll miss out on similar problems. Just turn on the mouse and let it work - all that's left for you is a pleasant, efficient work or exciting gameplay.




Durable battery


A charged battery provides up to six months of mouse operation. So you can work or play for months without worrying about a sudden discharge of the battery. M520GX will certainly not let you down.




Adjustable mouse sensitivity


You can adjust the mouse sensitivity in the range 800/1200/1600/2400 DPI. Thanks to that you can easily adjust it to your needs. Instant response to movement and stunning smoothness during dynamic gameplay? Or maybe an accurate, extremely precise work? The M520GX is perfect for a variety of applications.




Timeless design


Small size and 91.6 g weight make the mouse compact, portable and comfortable to use. 8 functional buttons make it easy to use the device and allow you to customize it to your expectations - you can, for example, set the DPI on the fly. M520GX is also extremely stylish - available in several colors, including black and gray, it will be an elegant yet practical addition to your computer set.






Producer Delux
Model M520GX
Mouse type Universal
Community Wireless
Resolution 800-2400 DPI
Number of buttons 6
Scroller  yes
Compatibility  Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7/8/10 / Linux / Mac
Color Grey
Length 107.9 mm
Width 65.1 mm
Height 39.5 mm
Warranty 12 month
Additional information

800-1200-1600-2400 DPI

Scroll buttons


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